Terms of Use for Renting a Car

Next Level Car Rental – SXM car agents or employees assumes no responsibility for the products and services provided by suppliers. The written car rental agreement between the car rental company and the tour participant shall constitute the sole contract between both parties.

The prices listed on our website are promotional rates. These prices may be special Internet combined with any other discount or promotion. The rates include the price of the car and tax for that car only, unlimited mileage, full tank of gas (must be return at the same level).

Rate does not include gas refueling fee, optional insurance/ loss waivers, extra driver fee – if any, late return fee and child seat charges or additional days other than what is stated in your voucher above.

Reservations: All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Our agencies always guarantee the reserved category and not the model.

Permits and Ages: The drivers license must be valid for more than one year and valid for driving on the French and Dutch territory. In case of loss of license, we accept the declaration of loss or theft valid for two months and along with your valid identification card. The tenant and/or designated driver to the contract must be over the age of 18 years for categories A, B and 25 years for all other categories.

Payment: We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master card, Amex, Cash, Cheques, Travelers Cheques. Only payments in the driver’s name will be accepted.

Deposit: credit cards ONLY (excluding MAESTRO ELECTRON cards) are accepted by Next Level Car Rental – SXM. A deposit of €750 must be made, either in advance when using the Paypal option or at pickup with credit card, for your reservation. Upon returning of the car, any late fees (if applicable) or insurance deductibles in the event of damage will be charged and the authorization hold on your credit card will be cleared, or in the event of payment via paypal, the balance shall be refunded. Only deposits in the driver’s name will be accepted.

Currency: We are a french company thus our credit card machine charges in the currency of EUROS. We quote the prices at a standardized conversion of 1,20.

Keys: Lost or stolen keys are subject to additional fees not included in the rate quoted above. Due to reprogramming, cutting a new key, removal of vehicle lock and cancellation of stolen or lost keys.

Map: A simple map is attached to this voucher. A detailed road map of the island is located in your vehicle’s glove box.

Contract Duration: The minimum charge is 24 hours. Any excess of the latter over 59 minutes will result in an additional daily charge.

Extension: In case of extension, the contract will be recalculated accordingly.

Return: The vehicle must be returned during the hours of Next Level Car Rental – SXM agencies. Must be given to our staff, the place, the time and date set in the contract. In the event that you may need to return your vehicle before the date or time on the contract, please inform an agent. There is no refunds or compensation for days lost.

Pick up & return charges: If the vehicle is not returned to the location of pick up and departure, a fee will be applied. These fees vary between $25 to $50.

Abandonment costs of the vehicle: When returning a rental car, the customer is liable for the cost of recovering the vehicle (parking and/or towing). Towing fees range from $75 to $150.

Cost of washing: If the vehicle is not returned in the same state of cleanliness as delivered or contains excessive amounts of (sand, dust, stains, food, …), a fee will be applied. Soiled vehicles will be charged as follows:
Vacuum & power wash: A/B/C/D/E/F EURO 25 – G/H/I/J/K/L EURO 40 – Stained seats & mats: EURO 150.

Returned open jeep: EURO 40 – Soaked vehicles: EURO 200.

Essence: If the vehicle is not returned with the same fuel level as delivered a fee will be applied. Vehicle returned with less gas than was rented will be charged 1/8 according the following: A/B EURO 15 – C/D EURO 20 – E/F/G/H/I/J/K EURO 25 – L EURO 30

Maintenance: You may NOT tamper with the vehicles engine or any other components in the hood of your car. If you may encounter any problems what-so- ever contact customer care immediately at: 1-721-522-8748.

Insurance: Car insurance is available from this agency and is strongly recommended. With all insurance packages, the customer is responsible for the deductible (€ 600) and the repair value of the rented vehicle. Without the insurance package, the customer is fully responsible for all damages.

Coverage: An optional supplemental insurance loss and damage to the vehicle PDW (partial reduction franchise), CDW (collision damage waiver) and liability is proposed. By refusing this optional additional insurance loss and damage to the vehicle, you can be held responsible for any damage or loss of vehicle, even in the absence of personal fault.

Cancellation: Cancellations are free and very simple to do. Simply send an email to <a href=”mailto:reservations@nextlevelcarrentalsxm.com”>reservations@nextlevelcarrentalsxm.com</a> and let us know you want to cancel. Please include your booking number so we can find your booking easier.